Explore. Fish. Respect & Repeat.

My first fly rod was handed to me at the age of eight by a patient uncle. With one afternoon of fly casting in his backyard he unknowingly changed my life's trajectory. 

A decade later, three of my summers were spent in Colorado's remote Gunnison Gorge Wilderness Area working as a trout guide for multi-day raft trips. The guiding path eventually led to the famed Alaska West lodge on the Kanektok River. There, for another three years, my obsession for anything related to spey-fishing blossomed. My latest guiding pursuit, however, has led me into Bolivia, where grande Golden Dorado and the untethered harshness of Amazonia have captured my heart. 

Along with commercial fly design, photography and film has attracted my creative attention within the industry. Currently, I am working with various lodges and air services across Alaska as a photographer and setting up a hosting schedule for 2022, stay tuned!

Next on my list:
Anywhere South Pacific, Mongolia Taimen, Cameroon Nile Perch, Colombia Peacock Bass, Himalayan Golden Mahseer, Baja Roosterfish, Kola Atlantic Salmon
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